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The Public Inspection Program (PIP) was designed to help you avoid expensive court costs if you should run into a problem with your roofing job. We urge you to first try and resolve your problem directly with your contractor. If you are still unhappy, then you may want to use our service.


There is no charge for the service.

How it Works

Once we receive your complaint, you will be mailed a "Request for Inspection" form which must be signed and returned to the RCAH office before we can help you. (This form basically says that we won't sue you if your dog bites us, or if someone gets hurt while on your property.)
Once we have all the information, we will put together a team of experts drawn from the industry who will visit your home. No opinion will be given on an individual basis, but you will instead receive a verbal recommendation based on the overall consensus of the Committee.

Status Decision

The recommendation is for your information as well as the roofing business. While the RCAH cannot force anyone to do anything, we have had almost total cooperation from the industry, even when the decisions go against them.

If you are not in agreement with the recommendation, you still may file complaints, sue, or whatever other course of action you think best. In the meantime, you will have an industry-wide consensus of your problem.

In some limited cases, the PIP may not be able to help you. This is because in certain areas, there are no industry-wide standards and we must defer to internal policies.


In some other cases, we may require you to first file a complaint with other authorities, in order to go through proper procedures.

Best of all...the PIP is free! The Roofing industry is complicated and involves highly technical manufacturing procedures. Sometimes it takes more than one person to come up with a solution.