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The Roofing Contractors Association of Hawaii (RCAH) is a statewide trade association of roofing contractors. This group of professionals collectively represents the voice of the roofing industry in Hawaii. We are a special organization that looks out for our members, whether they are small residential roofing contractors or large commercial roofing contractors.

The RCAH is Hawaii's leading authority on roofing inquiries in the State of Hawaii, and exists not only to consolidate Hawaii's roofing contractors but to educate them as well. Our education opportunities come from a steadfast commitment to keep its membership informed about the industry's latest developments.

Our mission is to help our members operate successfully by providing up-to-date continuing education, technical research data, industry contacts, consumer help and a forum for governmental and public relations.

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Why Use An RCAH Member?

Keyword4So you have obtained several estimates to re-roof your home. Some are from members and some are from companies that are not affiliated with Roofing Contractors Association of Hawaii. How do you choose?

Well, certainly we think you should select a member company to do your roof. This is not to say that merely because a company is a member, it makes them an angel; it is to say that it increases the likelihood significantly that you will get a thorough job, done correctly and by a company with a good reputation.

RCAH members have technical and safety training sessions available to send their employees to, so they are up-to-date with the latest in roofing technology and to prevent a serious accident from happening at your home. RCAH members also have available to them the latest in laws and regulations so you do business with a company that is legal and knows what they have to do to follow the law. RCAH members get together to share notes on new products, what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t work so your job is not a training job for employees. Customers of RCAH member companies are always welcome to call the RCAH offices with questions on your proposal of your contract.

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